This file shows how to change the textformat using a button and how to scroll text with a button.

One of the problems of uploading movies into movieclips is the change of the framerate adjusted to the parent frame rate. Here is a little script, which you put into frame number 1 of your movieclip, which you want to change. If you have a movie loaded with several movieclips and you want to change all of them, you have to place the script into every movieclip and add the parameters as shown in this example for the dancing girl.

//this is our function
function changeRate(sFrame,eFrame,fpsSecond,fpeSecond,end,begin){

                    //to start we first clear interval, because a repitition ould result in cessation of the animation.
clearInterval(newRate); onEnterFrame=function(){ //here we set the last frame of the animation...
if(_currentframe==end){ //...and this is the first frame.
gotoAndPlay(begin); } //this the framenumber where we want to start the change.
if(_currentframe==sFrame){ //this is the frame rate per second
clipInterval(fpsSecond); //this is optional in case we want to change another time.
}else if(_currentframe==eFrame){ clipInterval(fpeSecond); } } } //here we define the function for the rate.
function clipInterval(fpSecond){ fRate=1000/fpSecond; //all what it is is a set interval function.
frameRate=new Object(); frameRate.interval=function(){ nextFrame(); } newRate=setInterval(frameRate, "interval", fRate); } //then we execute the function with all the numbers.