Document class for the movie

	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flashscriptMVC.AbstractClass;
	import flashscriptMVC.IModel;
	import flashscriptMVC.Model;
	import flashscriptMVC.Controller;
	import flashscriptMVC.views.LoginView;
	import flashscriptMVC.views.AlertView;
	import flashscriptMVC.IControlHandler;
	public class Main extends Sprite
		public function Main ():void
* We create instances of the model, controller and the two viewers.
* The Model constructor has one argument for the url of an XML file,
* which contains all the data necessary to run the Login module. There are
* two viewers, one for the Login and one for the Alert, when errors have
* occurred.
			var model:IModel = new Model("login.xml");
			var controller:IControlHandler = new Controller(model);
			var view:AbstractClass = new LoginView(model,controller);
			view.x = 50
			view.y = 150;
			addChild (view);
			// Adding the second viewer, the Alert viewer.
			var alert:AbstractClass = new AlertView(model,controller);
			addChild (alert);
* Eventlisteners. These events are triggered by the Model and cause the viewers
* to react. 
			model.addEventListener ("viewWindow", view.update);
			model.addEventListener ("serverError", view.update);
			model.addEventListener ("serverResponse", view.update);
			model.addEventListener ("alertWindow", alert.update);