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book cover This is the official site for the book 'FLASH XML APPLICATIONS'. Report any tutorial problems here look for updates here. Please use the form to leave any comments, reviews, problems. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. However, please do not ask special tutorial questions or how to solve particular problems you have with your scripts. Ask those questions at one of the popular forums like Flashkit.com or Actionscript.org.

Chapter 4: Problem with URL in Proxy.php

On 11-7-07 Frank reported: "The proxy.php link in the html file on the cd is not accurate. It is shown as http://www.flashscript.com/flashapplications/tutorials/proxy/test_xhtml.htm but that link does not work."

The correct URL is:


Chapter 5: Siblings.fla

Alex has reported an error thrown when the Siblings.fla movie is tested: Type mismatch in assignment statement..... This error is thrown because the variables are of datatype "XMLNode" but the value is a string. Either delete "nodeValue" or change the datatype of the variables to "String".

Chapter 2: Hello

On 12-4-07 Steve left the following comment: I'm sorry to report that I'm having a problem with the first exercise in the book. I'm new to programming and both actionscripting and XML so forgive me. On pages 12 - 14, you describe how to make a simple external actionscript file load into a movie created in a .FLA file exported as an .SWF. I assume some things, like the ..AS file needs to be saved as Hello.as even though you don't say this in your instructions. Using the command plus enter key command (for a mac) to test the movie, the window is blank. I thought I should see the text "Hello, my first script." in there.

The script has to be saved as "Hello.as". You can download the first script.

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