public class BackWard
The BackWard class allows to move the timeline backwards. To create a new instance of the BackWard class use the constructor new BackWard() and add parameters as desired. All parameters are required.
Public Properties
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Public Methods
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BackWard(target:MovieClip, frameLabel:String, frameStart:int, duration:int) BackWard
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Constructor Detail
BackWard ()  Constructor
public function BackWard(target:MovieClip, frameLabel:String, frameStart:int, duration:int)
Intializes a new BackWard instance with the specified parameters.


  • target:MovieClip ____ Specifies the timeline of an object/MovieClip.
  • frameLabel:String ____ This is the point where the timeline is played backwards.
  • frameStart:int="linear" ____ The frame until the backwards movement will go.
  • duration:int ____ Specifies the speed (frames/second) of the backwards movement. 100 would be 1 frame in 100msec.
Create a new fla file and name it BackWardExample.fla. Place the fla in the same folder as the biz folder. Add a MovieClip on the stage with several frames and name it myClip. Add framenames "start" in the second frame and endframe in the last frame. Then create a colortween or sizetween. Place a button component on the timeline and name it startBut. Then create an Actionscript file, name it and place this script.

	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import biz.flashscript.tweens.BackWard;
	import fl.controls.Button;
	import flash.display.MovieClip;

	public class BackwardExample extends Sprite
		public var startBut:Button;
		public var myClip:MovieClip;
		public function BackwardExample ():void
			startBut.label = "START";
			startBut.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
		private function clickHandler (event:MouseEvent):void
			var bw:BackWard = new BackWard(myClip, "endframe", 1, 200);