EventsRecorder (ONLY commercially available)

public class EventsRecorder
AbstractCalendar extends Sprite
The EventsRecorder class is the base class for the DateChooser component. This component allows to store events and uses images. It is used as part of the EventChooser application. To create an instance of the DateChooser component place an instance of the component on the main timeline or call the EventsRecorder class (see example on this page).
Public Properties
Property Defined By
configXML : String
Specifies the configuration file for the calendar.
Public Methods
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All inherited methods of the AbstractCalendar class. N/A
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All inherited events of the AbstractCalendar class. N/A
Property Detail

configXML property
configXML:String [read-write]

Specifies the configuration file for the calendar.

There is no default value.


public function get configXML():String
public function set configXML(value:String):void
Constructor Detail
EventsRecorder ()  Constructor
public function EventsRecorder()
Creates a new instance of the EventsRecorder.
Create a new fla file and name it EventsRecorderExample.fla. Save the file in the same folder where the biz folder is located. Drag an instance of the EventsRecorder component on stage from the component menu and delete it. Place the configuration xml file into a folder named calendar. Then create an Actionscript file, name it and place this script.

	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import biz.flashscript.components.datechooser.EventsRecorder;

	public class EventsRecorderExample extends Sprite
		private var evRecorder:EventsRecorder;

		public function EventsRecorderExample ():void
			evRecorder = new EventsRecorder ();
			evRecorder.configXML = "calendar/config.xml";
			addChild (evRecorder);

Example of Configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
	<!-- URL's for the xml and php files -->
  	<!-- filenames to fill php file, NO URL's -->
  	<!-- variables for background setting
  			true or false -->
  	<!-- color 1 for gradient -->
  	<!-- color 2 for gradient -->
  	<!-- linear or radial -->
  	<!-- pad or reflect -->
  	<!-- focal point, 1 or -1 depnding on the site -->
  	<!-- alpha setting -->
  	<!-- images for random image pick -->
 	<dayfont>Baskerville Bold</dayfont>
 	<headfontdays>Baskerville Bold</headfontdays>
  	<titlefont>Baskerville Bold Italic</titlefont>
  	<eventfont>Baskerville Bold</eventfont>
  	<messagefont>Baskerville Bold Italic</messagefont>
  	<!-- location of images -->