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Introduction to Actionscript 3


Flash actionscripting is moving with exponential speed. AS2 was the new generation of actionscript introduced with Flash 7 (MX 2004). Just about 2 years later we need to learn a new version of actionscript, AS3. Do we? Probably not for quite some time. But if you know AS2 classes you will be interested in AS3. If you are not familiar with AS2 classes you may want to get a glimpse of AS3, because it seems AS3 allows endless possibilities to develop flash applications. AS3 is used with the Flex 2 builder and will be part of Flash 9, which has the codename BLAZE. You can download the Flash 9 preview IDE here. At the time this was written Flash player 8 has been replaced by 9 and now we are at 11.5. In the future Adobe plans to take AS3 even further in order to cope up with memory problems.

What do I need for this tutorial?

Regarding any knowledge prior to learning AS3 it would be a plus if you have some knowledge of AS2 and that you are familiar with classes, datatyping etc. However, in this tutorial I will shortly explain the basic concept for those who are not familiar with AS2. There are a number of tutorials for AS2. Here is a list of some OOP-tutorials

Once, however, you start scripting you need actionscript help. Here is a link for the AS2 to AS3 migration, which shows the changes, which have occurred. And this is a link for the AS3 language reference. Some of the important links you find on the left side throughout this tutorial.