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Basic Flash AS3 -tutorial

This is a very simple tutorial introducing you to some basic AS3 syntax - Starterkit

Event bubbling

Event bubbling is a new feature of AS3, enabling to separate child from parent events. Related is the "Separating button events" tutorial.

Separating button events

This tutorial shows how to add functionality to a child button within a parent button.

Flash 10 intro

Getting started developing content for Flash 10.

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XML Slideshow

XML slideshow using the Flashscript biz classes to create thumbs, load slides and create effects.

RSS feeds proxy file

How to load a text/XML file from a foreign domain in Flash using a proxy php file.

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Flash 9/10 AS3 pathcorrector

Root finder, detects the stage, root (main timeline) and Sprites and MovieClips (component).

AS3: AS2 --> AS3 communication

Sending variables from an AS2 movie, which is loaded in an AS3 movie using Javatscript and the ExternalInterface class.

AS3: Main timeline preloader

This tutorial shows how to create a basic AS3 preloader for the main timeline.

AS3: ByteArray - Saving an image

This tutorial shows how to create a ByteArray object with pixel data from an image and store it on the harddrive.

Flashscript biz classes

This is a set of classes and components to facilitate creating AS3 movies.

Flash-Flex communication

Accessing Flex objects in a movie loaded in Flash.

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Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern

A Login system using the MVC design pattern.

The Event Pattern

How to communicate among classes and maintain some form of encapsulation.

Composite Pattern: Flash AS3 Menu example

Menu example using a composite design pattern.

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Audio Wave Analyzer

Audio wave analyzers cannot only be made with mp3 files but also with wav and au files. Check here how it is done.

Flash AS3: PDF attachment with email

A new way to use the alivePDF library to attach a PDF to an email.

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How to embed fonts in a textfield and style the textfield with a stylesheet.

Flash 10 Textengine: Creating curved text

Creating text along an arc.

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DataGrid-List CellRenderer

How to change skins and text from individual rows of the DataGrid and list components.

CustomTextArea Component

A component, which allows using stylesheets unlike the regular AS3 TextArea component and more...

Component skinning

How to change the appearance of AS3 component instances using actionscript.

| Top |In Short

Problem installing components in CS4

Problem with overlapping sounds

| Top |Pixelbender

Flash 10 Pixelbender

This is a very simple Pixelbender script, which changes the brightness of a bitmap. Shown is the incorporation of the script into a flash movie.

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Flash 10 Matrix3D

How to add a transition effect to a slideshow using the Matrix3D class.