Scroll Menu Component, 1.1.1


Put the component in the component folder. Then click on it and follow the instructions of the extension manager.

The mask and frame with button will automatically adjust to height. When width is changed mask and frame will automatically adjust.

Example of XML file for the above movie. Up to 10 items can be shown.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<item number="1" pic="item1.jpg" pUrl="" slide="" 
frameName="frame1" menutext="This is pic 1,"/>
<item number="2" pic="item2.jpg" pUrl="tutorial.html" slide="" 
frameName="frame2" menutext="...and pic 2."/>
<item number="3" pic="item3.jpg" pUrl="" slide="" 
frameName="frame3" menutext="now pic 3."/>
<item number="4" pic="item4.jpg" pUrl="" slide="" 
frameName="frame4" menutext="This is pic 4."/>
<item number="5" pic="item5.jpg" pUrl="" slide="" 
frameName="frame5" menutext="And now is pic 5."/>