MP3 Player Component, 1.2.0

This is an MP3 Player component with several options to play sound. The player is XML based and allows also to display movies or jpgs. The songs played on this Demo are courtesy of James Lanier.

This MP3 player is designed to play MP3s in a streaming mode. There is an autoplay button and up to ten buttons for individual sounds. Further, there are playback, stop, pause, play, forwardplay, backwardplay buttons. There are 5 buttons to load individual mp3 files, which allows to play up to 50 audios. The player also allows to show swfs and jpgs and thus can be used as a slideshow with audio. The pics change when the audio changes.
Enter the following parameters in the property inspector for the component:

IMPORTANT: There is the option to set the duration manually and enter the song duration values in the xml file (true). This is recommended, when not only broadband users but also modem users are considered or when the audios are long or have a high kbit size. To determine the duration value set "trace duration" to true and "set Duration" to false, play the movie on your harddrive, press the individual song buttons and read the values for the individual audios. Then enter the exact values in the xml file. After that set the "trace Duration" back to false and the "set Duration" to true. If you don't want to set duration manually just set it to false.

If sounds are in the library and attached give a linkage identifier for every sound and enter that name for songurl.

Please report any bugs to this e-mail address.

Disclaimer: The developer of this component, Joachim Schnier, is not responsible or reliable for any damage or penalty for the unlawful use (copyright violations, obscene or insulting language) caused by the use of this component.

The Player is free to download.