EventsRecorder (free):

ActionScript 3 php-driven DateChooser component with content management and event recording.

Quiz - Survey (free):

ActionScript 3 Quiz - Survey component with php files and MySQL example.

Scrollbar (free):

ActionScript 3 Scrollbar component for vertical/horizontal scrolling with 3 different scrollbars.

All Components Sale (free):

AS3 Scrollbar, XML-database, php-Datechooser, Quiz-Survey and SlideVideoShow components for one low unique price.

Scroll Menu:

This is a menu with scrolling pics.

SearchModul component (Free)

This is a database component, which allows to create server-independent and MySQL xml-based databases.

Free MP3 Player:

as the name says, this will load and play mp3s in a streaming manner. Free to download.