ImageMeterPro (version 1.3)

Tool for density/color/shade quantitation in stained images and videos.

image of the application

1. Density determination of objects. (application: analysis of Western blots and DNA/RNA blots). In ImagemeterPro the accuracy of measurement is largely improved as compared to previously published Imagemeter.

2. Estimation of the number of spots predefined by color and shade. (applications: analysis of immunhistochemistry and stained tissue sections and cells). ImagemeterPro allows easy quantitative comparison to control samples.

Watch the video for a short demonstration.

3. Kinetic density determination of moving objects in videos. (application example: single neuron analysis in a worm (see Brueggemann et al., 2011)). ImagemeterPro dissects the video and captures images of predetermined area, simultaneously measuring the intensity of a target area of a preset color and shade. Individual images from the video can be displayed as record.

4. Determination of the Length of Linear and Circular Lines in Images. (application example: measurement of folds and fiber size in the neuromuscular junction). Simply follow lines or cycles of your interest by cursor. ImagemeterPro measures the length in pixcel.

Citations for use with ImagemeterPro

2011 Brueggemann, C., O┬┤Halloran, D., L┬┤Etoile, N.D.: Perception of bacteria by the AWC neuron. 18th International Worm Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

Doisy ET, Wenzel HJ, Nguyen DV, Schwartzkroin PA. Periventricular nodular heterotopia c-fos activation in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures. Poster session presented at: 66th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society; 2012 Nov 30-Dec 4; San Diego, CA.


The serial number to open ImagemeterPro is IMGP-0850-RM55-P93F. The use of the software is on your own risk.

For more detailed informations watch the video lessons for ImagemeterPro below.